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Multi Jet Fusion is an additive manufacturing method invented and developed by Hewlett-Packard (HP). Create parts through additive manufacturing technology with a multi-agent print job. During this process a fusion agent is applied to a layer of material where the particles are intended to fuse together. Next, a detail agent is applied to create precise details and smooth surfaces. Finally, the area is exposed to a source of light that will generate reactions between the agents and the material in order to fuse the material and to create the part. At the end of the printing process, the print bucket is removed from the printer and an operator carefully extracts the parts and then removes the remaining powder with brushes and aerators. FAMA3D uses the best HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers with PA12 printing material.

This 3D printing technology is 10 times faster than FDM or SLS technologies, so it's the perfect choice for prototyping but especially for small-medium production batches. Multi Jet Fusion is able to create a complex and highly detailed design in no time. Multi Jet Fusion plastic is great for both novice designers and experienced professionals due to its high precision and low cost. The main advantages of Multi Jet Fusion technology are the high customization possibilities and rapid production times. With our 3D ONLINE printing service, you can have access to Professional Multi Jet Fusion printers to print your parts, without having to worry about the operation or maintenance of the machines. You'll receive your 3D prints, perfect, fast and ready to be used.

The raw material we use is a fine polyamide powder called PA12: it’s a strong thermoplastic capable of producing high-quality components. It is characterized by good elasticity and high shock resistance, as well as the best mechanical strength among all 3D printing materials. The Multijet Fusion PA12 material has the ability to print very complex designs, even one within the other, such as chain rings that do not require assembly or support structures.

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Printer | Features and availability

2 X · HP4210 MJF

The best for industrial production with Nylon, convenient, resistant and durable.

Print volume Max: 380mm x 284mm x 380mm;
Materials: PA12 e PA11;
Print mode: standard (economy), ), balanced, mechanical, aesthetic;
Available finishes: raw gray, matt black, anthracite black, smooth finish, RAL painting, chrome plating (on request).

Production in 7 or 5 working days.


The resistance of Nylon with full color printing capabilities.

Print volume Max: 332mm x 189mm x 247mm;
Materials: PA12 CB;
Print mode: balanced, aesthetic;
Color: white, multicolor.

Production in 7, 5 or 2 working days.

1 X · Formlabs Form3L (FROM NOVEMBER 2020)

The most recent technology for large format resin printing, smooth surfaces and high aesthetic quality.

Print volume Max: 335mm x 200mm x 300mm;
Resins: white, transparent, high resistance (ABS like), flexible 50A and 80A. Other resins on request.

Production in 7, 5 or 2 working days.

1 X · 3D System Projet 660 Pro

Color printing with sandstone effect for display models (low impact resistance).

Print volume Max: 381mm x 254mm x 203mm;
Materials: Gypsum;
Color: natural white, multicolor.

Production in 7, 5 or 2 working days.


Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing

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    The Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing process is the best performing technology in terms of PRECISION, QUALITY, SPEED and COST EFFECTIVENESS.
    But FAMA 3D 3D is not satisfied and for you is aiming at the TOP, offering you the opportunity to choose the printing mode you prefer: It will be made for you.

    In addition, polyamide (PA12) has an excellent corrosion resistance to chemicals. PA12 objects also withstand scratches and abrasions, are biocompatible, withstand weathering and are stabilized to U.V. light. As soon as the production is finished, the 3D printed parts with Multijet Fusion PA12 are gray. This option is called "raw gray", which is the cheapest option that can be selected. Three other finishing options are available: the pieces can be dyed matte black, sandblasted until a charcoal gray is obtained or be painted with any RAL color (minimum order required). You can also paste the printed details in PA12 via cyanocrylate, call us or write to us for more information on possible post-processing features. Here you can see three versions of the same object: the one on the right is raw, the one in the center is charcoal gray, the one on the left is dyed matte black.

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    Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing

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